For Now, Just Breathe

Sometimes people can say something to you in passing, that can have more of a profound effect than they, or you, ever thought. The title my blog, and this post is one of those examples. 

Last summer, when I actually started this blog, I called my Mom back in Newfoundland to catch up and pass the time as I walked to work, one particularly rainy Vancouver morning. I was having a pretty rough morning.

I had recently been laid off from a job I hadn’t had much interest in only to find another job right away that I absolutely dreaded. I hated what I was doing, was questioning how my career choices had led me to this, wasn’t making enough to make ends meet and living in one of the most expensive cities on the continent. I was losing at life, or so it felt like.

My typical morning commute usually consisted of a few tears being shed and me trying to decide what was next, because this couldn’t possibly be IT. I tortured myself deciding if I should stick it out because it was a great company to have on my resumé, to get a part-time side job, to quit and work in a restaurant full-time (and make just as much, if not more money) or to pack it in, move home and save money to travel the world (a thought I have during every waking hour).

As I was crying about this on the phone to my Mom, telling her how unhappy I was and that I might just move home, she said two things to me:

  1. “Laura, you aren’t ready to come back here yet”
  2. For now, just breathe

I got off the phone as I walked up to my office, took a deep breath as directed and got on with my day. I chained myself to my cubicle, pounded out the 50 cold calls I had to do everyday and thought about that second statement a little more. I knew the first one was an obvious one, but that second statement really struck a cord with me.

I feel like my move to Vancouver, which I will undoubtedly get into in further posts, was the start of my path to self-discovery and to just figuring life out. I know there is something amazing out there, waiting for me to discover it. I’m also the type of person who wants instant gratification, I am not the most patient human. For that reason, those words: “For now, just breathe” felt like they fit my life perfectly. I feel like they fit perfectly with who I was, how I could get through challenging times and where I was in my life.

I refer to these words at least once a day when I’m faced with something challenging, mundane, even exciting. They have almost become my own personal mantra. They ground me and help me push on.

I have a lot of exciting dreams and plans for the next few years that will take a little time to come to fruition (i.e save money) – “For now, just breathe” gets me closer to those dreams everyday.

As if I needed to thank my amazing Mom for providing me more life wisdom, but she really did it this time. And I thank her for that.

These words mean a lot to me (new tattoo maybe??) and to you, they may mean nothing. My advice – hold on to those little nuggets of wisdom you pick up on the way. If something resonates with you – there is probably a reason for that. Hold on to it. Write it down. Meditate on it. Whatever. If it helps you move in a forward direction, even just a little bit. It’s worth it!

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  1. Mike Magouirk says:

    What a sage piece of advice!!! Just breathe!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Albert J Roche says:

    I can think of a number of things in reply to this story, but I shan’t write them down. Your sweet mother, a.k.a my little sister, would kill me. But she makes a lot of sense (said reluctantly). Keep on breathing.
    Your uncle Albert


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