Since moving to the west coast, the thought of travel has ignited something deep inside my being. A new sense of curiosity, of wonder, of independence and of confidence. I’ve developed a thirst to experience more.
A part of it might be that I come from a small town and I have always wondered what was beyond the shores of my tiny island. The other part of it could be that I moved to Vancouver with a different mindset, I was more open and becoming more aware of myself. Whatever it is – I knew it was something worth exploring.
Travel is a funny thing; it makes you realize how small you are in relation to this universe that we live; and how much there is to see out there. The endless supply of pictures, blogs, articles, movies and documentaries available  just aren’t going to cut it for me. In fact, they make me want to get out there even more. I need these experiences for myself. Even airports excite me, as weird as that sounds. All the hustle and bustle and endless possibilities of places to go.
The really fun part of travel is you don’t have to go very far to satiate that desire to see more, do more and truly experience the world’s beauty. This is especially true in British Columbia, where the mountains and oceans are essentially your backyard. Some of my favourite places are 20 minutes from my apartment.
For me travel is about more than just how far away or exotic a place can you go. Every adventure means something different. Some trips are about catching up with old friends, some about new friendships, some about family, some about soul-searching , some about finding yourself and some about getting lost.
In keeping with the theme of my last post on 2015 reflections, I’ve taken some time to look at where I’ve been this year, both near and far. I’ve starting planting the seeds  and daydreaming of where I want next year to take me. Travel falls under the passion category for me and is as much about the spiritual and mental as it is about the physical and experiential.
Here’s a little recap on places (near and far) where 2015 found me:


I’m working on some pretty ambitious plans for 2016, you might want to stay tuned!

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