Day 1 – Tuesday, May 3

It is no surprise to anyone following along that I’m on the eternal search to find that thing that really lights me up. I’m looking for inspiration, for my path.

I’m learning that writing is something I really enjoy (hence the blog).


Today, I am embarking on a self-made challenge of trying to write a blog post everyday for the next 30 days.

The inspiration came from a CreativeLive course I started yesterday hosted by founder Chase Jarvis entitled 30 days of Genius.  This free course is designed to help people, just like me, who want to find their passion and igniting a creative impulse. Over the month of May, Jarvis will interview some of the world’s brightest and most forward-thinking minds. I’m pretty excited I stumbled across this to say the least!

Today’s talk was with marketing and entrepreneur guru Seth Godin. Seth is a pioneer, an icon really. One thing Seth recommends to get the creative juices flowing, to become a better writer and to generally to clarify your thoughts is to write (in public) every single day.  So here goes – I’m going to take this on for 30 days and see where it takes me (it’s out there now – oh crap!).


Since starting this blog, I’ve let moments in my life feed my inspiration. Trips, moments of clarity or inspiration, passed events and random thoughts. I continue to look for inspiration in my everyday life and seem to come up with two posts a month, three if I’m luck. WTF?!

I work in a creative world and spend most of my time scrolling through feeds of people who inspire me. I spend my spare time learning about creativity and self development. I HAVE to have more to say than just pipping up twice a month.

What’s been stopping me?



Fear loves to kill fresh ideas. It loves when the heart and mind takes on challenges just like this. Fear thrives when you try and step outside the box and go against the ordinary. Fear is what keeps society in line, in my opinion. It is an advocate for status quo. Fear’s voice sounds a little something like this: “Why would you try this, no one will read it, no one is interested, you have nothing good to say.”

It is the farmer of self-doubt.

Today’s talk inspired me to shut that narrative up for a change.

One of Seth’s comments was on the toxicity of the narrative or voice that we have in our head (i.e. the voice of fear) and how we often use this as a place to hide. Something I’ve been hearing a lot about lately.


So my goal of this next month is to expand my heart, my mind, my soul and my potential through writing. Will I run out of interesting things to say? Probably. Will you guys follow along anyways? I hope so!

In the end if I don’t do something, nothing will change, right?!


  • The best way to do something great in 10 years from now is to do something today.
  • Key question we need to ask ourselves is: What am i doing this for?
  • In many of the things that we endeavour to do, we are just not that good at. It is a mistake to fool ourselves into thinking we are good at things we are just mediocre at. But if we dig deeper into the stuff that truly matters (to us/others), you might earn recognition.
  • When facing the day doesn’t feel right – This is an opportunity.
  • When education (formal/informal) gets hard, most people leave or quit unless there is significant social pressure to stay.
  • Be more generous. Lead people to where they want to go. Do It Today.

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