Day 2 | Wednesday, May 4

I’ve always found tattoos fascinating. They are beautiful statements, they are pieces of art. They are incredible personal, they are symbolic.

They certainly aren’t for everyone, but I love them.

Tattoos have long been known for their therapeutic qualities (read here). According to Tattoo Anthropologist Lars Krutak, “Tattoos transmit a vast body of information about who we are, where we came from, our desires and fears and who we aspire to be.”

Yesterday, I got tattoo #7 drawn by the super talented Moorea at Three Point Tattoo.


Since moving to Vancouver, I’ve taken on the mantra of constantly moving in a forward direction. When I’m faced with decisions, big or small, I take a second to question, “Will this move me forward as person”, whether it is professionally, personally, spiritually, emotionally or otherwise.

I felt this mantra was best embodied by an arrow. The detail on the arrow represent the different directions, paths and challenges life can take you on in moving you forward. But the solid line from the base to the arrow head are a reminder of the direction I want to be going.

Thanks for putting together such a beautiful piece!

(Sorry Mom…and Carla #sorrynotsorry)!

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