DAY 4 | FRIDAY, May 6

I’ve never been good at meditating in the traditional sense. The act of sitting in one spot, observing the body and the breath, of just being is actually way harder than it sounds. I’m a thinker. My mind wanders, a lot.  I think hard, what can I say?

Since moving to Vancouver I’ve taken up what I call an active mindfulness practice or active stillness. A mindfulness practice is a practice of intention, non-judgemental awareness of moment-to-moment experiences.

For me that takes the form of walking. It’s a basic movement that you don’t have to think about, it is just one foot in front of the other. I don’t have any real destination in mind. I walk to the beach, the water is where my heart is. It is exactly where I’m supposed to be; I’m present. I have my dog, a coffee and an open mind. These moments, for me, are the start of something great.

It is in this practice I find tenderness, silence and clarity. There is peace, acceptance and possibility. The crazy world slows down. In these moments I let my mind wander.- I take stock of what I have, am grateful for where I am and dream big about where I want to go. But then I always come back to the present moment, to where my feet are rooted, to what is around me.

In today’s 30 days of Genius talk, Chase Jarvis interviewed Ariana Huffington. She says our best ideas come from this place of stillness and presence. It is the place from which we create.

At a recent Eckhart Tolle talk, he referenced these moments and what being present felt like. It’s the moment right before your brain starts the narrative or labeling what is going on around you. That quiet moment where you just are. That moment is me in the beach in the morning with my dog. I feel just that. It is in this practice I simply am.

I don’t think we have to prescribe to one way of finding these moments. Of finding this peace. For some that is sitting and meditating, for me it’s walking, for you it might be something else. I just think that it’s important to have one of these moments every day, no matter how long or short just let the world stop.

I’ll close with a simple yet profound statement Eckhart said that night that has stuck with me:





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