This evening, I went to the Vancouver stop of  Chris Guillebeau‘s new book promotion tour. His new book, Born for This, provides actionable insights for and dozens of true stories of people who pursue finding the work they were meant for.

I’ve been a huge fan of Chris’s since a girlfriend back in Newfoundland recommended his book, The Art of Non-Conformity. She felt I would really relate to the concept. Funny that, I read the entire book on my cross-country flight! Chris is an advocate for not living your life they way people say we are ‘supposed to’, a theme you may have seen running through my blog over the past year or more.

The icing on the cake for the evening was, I got to cross off  another bucket list item –  see Danielle LaPorte speak, as she joined Chris on stage for a lengthy Q & A session. Squeal!

The talk was great, I left feeling inspired and ready to take action.

There was one question Chris posed that really stuck in my head. In his book, he proposes a Joy-Money-Flow model for evaluating viable options for your career. The challenge Chris posed in describing this concept was to ask yourself at the end of every day, DID TODAY MATTER? 


What. A. Question!

My initial response, as an inquisitive female was – how do I make my days matter?

I think it is a very personal question. What is going to bring me joy and make my day matter won’t mean a thing to someone else.

The goal, Chris says, is to have a streak of days that matter. To identify what gives you energy and what drains it. I want to live a life where most days matter.

Today mattered for me because I got the opportunity to see two of the people that I look to for life advice speak to a crowd of people who are questioning the norm and looking for more.

It also mattered because I created something, i.e. this post (day 9 as a matter of fact!).

Those things are important to me. They made my day matter.

Did your day matter?




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