So…this 30 day challenge has started to ‘morph’ a little. It was the weekend, it was beautiful out and I wanted to get outside as much as possible, what can I say? The nice thing about this challenge, is that it’s my own so I can do what I like!

I usually take an all or nothing approach to challenges, it probably (again) has something to do with my ‘type A’ personality of liking things black or white, on or of, all or nothing. This time, I’m trying to change that approach.  I’m still going to continue to blog for 30 days, it just might not be consecutive days, shoulder shrug.

I digress; a follow up to last weeks post  I’ve been powering through the 30 Days of Genius course. This past week there was definitely some heavy hitters – Brené Brown, Gary Vay, Sir Mix-a-lot! Whoa. I’m loving the diverse group of people Chase is bringing together. It has broadened the concept of creativity and what it means to add meaning and purpose to what we do.

Being creative is starting to take on a more whole perspective. It is about functioning the best we can (physically, spiritually, emotionally and professionally), being self-aware and making smart choices to get the life we want. You don’t have to be an artist, per se, to be creative.

Some of the talks have been so action-packed full of helpful and actionable insights, they really deserve their own posts. Here is a quick and dirty summary of the highlights from the past 7 days.

BRENÉ BROWN (Of whom I a total fan girl of)

A discussion on her book Rising Strong

  • When something bad happens, the first thing our brain does is scramble to make sense of it. The brain loves to recognize the narrative of a story – beginning, middle and end. The brain inherently doesn’t like when the story has no structure or is ambiguous. (Well shit!)
  • In these times emotions are driving, they get the first crack at making sense of something. So we tell ourselves a story about what is happening with limited data points, and we fill the rest with fear. The key is to recognize we’ve been snagged by emotion and reckon with it. Stop conspiring.
  • The 3 biggest questions on rising strong from a tough situation: What story am I making up? Is it true? What do I really need to know more about?
  • There is nothing more dangerous than the stories we make up about our creativity, or livability and our divinity.
  • When we own our story, we get to write the ending.
  • Pleasing, proving and perfecting is getting in the way of what you need to be doing. You can never live the life you want without disappointing someone. You are going to piss people off and let people down if you are your true self.
  • He/She that has the greatest capacity for discomfort, rises the fastest. 
  • On the fear of failing – you are going to fail! The only people who don’t fail are those who will never put anything out there, they are in the cheap seats of the arena of life.


  • Screw it, just do it.
  • Take bold steps but don’t necessarily put everything on the line.
  • Go travelling, experience things.
  • Be open to receiving ideas.



  • The one thing we are in control of and have the same resources as anyone else is time. If you complain that you aren’t winning, that life is unfair or that the ‘man’ is holding you down than you need to look at what you are spending your time on. You are not going to complain your way to more talent. If you are going to complain but do something about it, you just might unearth what you are looking for. STOP FUCKING COMPLAINING!
  • There is nothing out there being written for the first time, we are synthesizing it and repackaging it for 2016.
  • Always have the confidence or esteem to ask for what you’re worth. Swim upstream just a little bit.


  • As ourselves: What can you control today to contribute to the health of your system?  One of the central components is to move more and be upright.
  • Kelly gave a great example of Laird Hamilton – he has set up the conditions in his life (sleep, stress, movement, fuel) were age is irrelevant because he hasn’t let his machine (re: body) decay.
  • Pathway to thriving: move more, stand over sit, incorporate more dynamic and intentional movement, optimize sleep, eat right and work your muscles and tissue.
  • Don’t wait until you or your life is on fire to figure out what is going on. DO SOMETHING TODAY. START WITH THE SIMPLE THINGS. 
  • Give up the all or nothing mentality.
  • Collect information differently – it changes how you see the world and how you stitch it together. You will see opportunities for teaching and transformation.
  • Putting your work out there is vulnerable, but if you never show your work,  you are not an artist.
  • If it is important to you. Do it every day. 


  • Technology has going us the ability to speak our voice without having to ask for permission.
  • Immerse yourself in new things, really dive as deep as possible. The deeper you dive, the greater everything will be: the reward, the contribution, the authenticity, the truth.
  • Start from a place of asking questions. Never assume anything. Start with having no ideas of where you are going to end up. Ask lots of questions. You never know what research you do, what book you read or interview you listen to will reveal.
  • Referencing an Andy Warhol quote – Just keep making art, let other people decide of they like it or not, in the meantime just keep making art.
  • Fail a lot because in the failure comes the most beautiful rewards and results.


  • Your wounds are the places where new light enters you.
  • The importance of meditation and spiritual awareness – We live in a toxic culture. There is fear, chaos and terror within both the world and our psyche, which adds fuel to the fire. We, as humans, create chaos, negativity, judgement and drama. We are repurposing fear. The prescription to this is LOVE. Begin to see the world and yourself through a loving lens.
  • To establish a new energy, a new way of being or consciousness we need to stay committed to reorganizing all the stories we committed to about our lives in the first place.
  • To facilitate change – simply commit. BE ON THE PATH. 
  • So many of us live in a fight or flight state. We meditate to reorganize this energy.
  • Make a commitment to do one thing every day. The willingness to grow is key.
  • Unearth our intuition through daily practice of stilling the mind and retraining our thoughts.


  • Everyone has a calling, you might not know it yet because we try so hard to fit into the cookie-cutter of life. Society says you need a 9-5 job, but that might not be your calling. Open your eyes, there is something.
  • Getting in touch with your authentic self opens all sorts of abilities.
  • It’s the journey that really counts. Once you get to the destination you’re already looking for something else.
  • You have to thirst for something or your soul dies.

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  1. Margaret-Anne Lee says:

    Great post Laura! Love Brene Brown. Saw her live last year and she did not disappoint.


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