Weekend Wanderlust – 4

My last week in India definitely shifted more towards the spiritual side as we delved into our final  90minute teaching final and a mind blowing yoga and Indian philosophy marathon with a brilliant Dr. Ganesh Rao.

The effects of my month-long intensive training started to perculate for certain. I’ve written on my instagram and will write a more in-depth post about my experience there but I feel that the transformation or mind shift that started in India will have far reaching effects. I’m excited about all the things I’ve learned; about yoga, Indian philosophy, and myself, and look forward to delving deeper as I continue my journey. 
The course ended with a quick departure of most of the girls, I managed to sneak in one last beach day and a few  delicious meals before jetting to the airport ( with only a few near death experiences on the roads). Side note: a car was headed straight for us in the wrong lane, I gasped and the driver laughed and turned up he radio haha. 

After a long travel day, I landed in Chiang Mai and am pumped to experience South East Asia a little bit, Enjoy!

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