It’s me, I’m back.


Yeah it’s been a while, I know.

I feel a bit sheepish jumping back into this without explaining myself. But I don’t really have an explanation for the posting hiatus. I’m sure I could come up with excuses but I’ll spare you (and me).

So, after almost 5 months of travelling, I’m back.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure where I want this blog to go anymore. When I started  it a few years back, I was lost. I was broken. I was a mess. Writing was about healing, growing, learning and just figuring shit out (personally and professionally).  Part of me had big dreams of being a travel blogger, the rest of me just wanted to get out of my own way and figure my shit out.

To say I’m the same person who started this blog a few years ago would be misleading. I’m the same soul but I’ve grown and evolved in more ways than I can list, so it’s only natural the blog has to evolve as well, right?

I’m not broken any more. Am I still a mess? Well, who isn’t right?!

I’m me. And that’s good enough.

Have I learned a lot – fuck yeah. I think learning is how we mature; it’s a life long commitment. It gives us depth.  Am I any further ahead in figuring shit out? Oh I don’t know – but do you ever truly figure that out?

The ‘type A’ me had the expectation that I would have this all figured out at the end of my travels. That I would have answers and know-how on what I wanted to do for the rest of my life – I left to find answers, I was going to find answers god damn it.

Well, sadly I didn’t have any grand epiphanies or spiritual awakenings like I hoped. I didn’t suddenly wake up knowing the path I wanted to be on, as expected. I guess the problem was the expectation of certain outcome (LIFE LESSON, LET GO OF ATTACHMENT TO OUTCOME).

So do I consider the past 5 months a failure then? Absolutely not. I had a brief second where I did when I first made the decision to come back some months early, but I quickly got over that. I know I had made the right choice and was looking forward to coming back and making serious changes.

So here I am, back.

I did rediscovered my love for writing and being creative while wondering certain parts of the world. There was a creative spark almost. My head is swirling with ideas.

So I’m ready to start blogging again. Where this will go – who knows but the fun part is figuring it out, right?



If you want to see a glimpse of my adventures follow along on my Instagram page: I’ll be posting flashbacks every week of the sights and sounds of my travels.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Shannon says:

    Yes! This got me right in the feels. I sure missed you Laura Murphy, welcome home.


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