Sadness, Gratitude and Our Duty as Citizens of the World

If you’ve been following along my blog or instagram account you would have seen a lot of smiling, adventurous and beach-themed photos.  Today tells a very different tale of my adventures.  I came to Cambodia knowing very little about the place, other than it is a usual stop for those wanderlusting around South East Asia….

Weekend Wanderlust – 6 | A Very Thai Christmas

Post-Christmas, as one does when they are in southern Thailand, my friends and I headed for the islands. We picked Koh Lanta because it was supposed to be beautiful and a little quieter than Koh Phi Phi or Phuket.  The ferry ride was spectacular, we sat on the front of the boat and got the…

Weekend Wanderlust – 5 | Thailand Edition

Thailand has been nothing short of wonderful.

I can see why people come here for month(s) at a time and still only scratch the surface of how beautiful it is. There’s rolling hills to the north, paradise-esque beaches to the south and jungle or city everywhere else.

Weekend Wanderlust – 3

Last week of teacher training and to say I’ve come a long way is an understatement.  In three short weeks, I’ve taught a 20, 30, 45 and 60 minute class. I have my final teaching assignment on Monday. Im loving it. It’s been intense, to put it mildly.  There’s been a constant battle between the…


I get asked a lot about the podcasts I listen to, the blogs I read and so on. I refer to them a lot throughout the blog and thought I’d start sharing what I’m digging these days. Here is the first roundup, enjoy!


Where you come from now is much less important than where you’re going. More and more of us are rooted in the future or the present tense as much as in the past. And home, we know, is not just the place where you happen to be born. It’s the place where you become yourself.


It’s funny the things you see in your surroundings that can spark such an internal dialogue. Since that visit, I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of rebirth and how life constantly presents us with the gift of reinventing ourselves over and over again. It is our challenge, or responsiblity rather, to see these as opportunities.