Weekend Wanderlust – 6 | A Very Thai Christmas

Post-Christmas, as one does when they are in southern Thailand, my friends and I headed for the islands. We picked Koh Lanta because it was supposed to be beautiful and a little quieter than Koh Phi Phi or Phuket.  The ferry ride was spectacular, we sat on the front of the boat and got the…

Weekend Wanderlust – 5 | Thailand Edition

Thailand has been nothing short of wonderful.

I can see why people come here for month(s) at a time and still only scratch the surface of how beautiful it is. There’s rolling hills to the north, paradise-esque beaches to the south and jungle or city everywhere else.

Weekend Wanderlust – 4

My last week in India definitely shifted more towards the spiritual side as we delved into our final  90minute teaching final and a mind blowing yoga and Indian philosophy marathon with a brilliant Dr. Ganesh Rao. The effects of my month-long intensive training started to perculate for certain. I’ve written on my instagram and will…