It’s me, I’m back.

Hi. Yeah it’s been a while, I know. I feel a bit sheepish jumping back into this without explaining myself. But I don’t really have an explanation for the posting hiatus. I’m sure I could come up with excuses but I’ll spare you (and me). So, after almost 5 months of travelling, I’m back. To…

Sadness, Gratitude and Our Duty as Citizens of the World

If you’ve been following along my blog or instagram account you would have seen a lot of smiling, adventurous and beach-themed photos.  Today tells a very different tale of my adventures.  I came to Cambodia knowing very little about the place, other than it is a usual stop for those wanderlusting around South East Asia….

Weekend Wanderlust – 6 | A Very Thai Christmas

Post-Christmas, as one does when they are in southern Thailand, my friends and I headed for the islands. We picked Koh Lanta because it was supposed to be beautiful and a little quieter than Koh Phi Phi or Phuket.  The ferry ride was spectacular, we sat on the front of the boat and got the…

Weekend Wanderlust – 5 | Thailand Edition

Thailand has been nothing short of wonderful.

I can see why people come here for month(s) at a time and still only scratch the surface of how beautiful it is. There’s rolling hills to the north, paradise-esque beaches to the south and jungle or city everywhere else.

Weekend Wanderlust – 3

Last week of teacher training and to say I’ve come a long way is an understatement.  In three short weeks, I’ve taught a 20, 30, 45 and 60 minute class. I have my final teaching assignment on Monday. Im loving it. It’s been intense, to put it mildly.  There’s been a constant battle between the…


My senses have been on overload as I start to settle into my month here in India.  This is such a beautiful and interesting place. It brings together the most eclectic of people in such a loving and accepting way. The hippy scene is like no other. It’s a party place if you want it…


Before settling in in New Zealand, as I mentioned here,  I decided to take a little detour and do some travelling around Asia first. I figured, when else am I going to get a chance to take an extended journey without burning through my vacation days? First stop is a yoga teacher training in India….


Newfoundland, a small island off the coast of Canada that sits in the frigid North Atlantic Ocean. It is unique and peculiar to some but packs a whole lot of punch in relation to its size.


DAY 15 | THURSDAY, MAY 26 I’ve always loved airports. The hustle and bustle; the world at you’re fingertips.  I’m not one of those people who likes to rush last minute to my flights. One of my favourite things to do is to grab a coffee (or wine), put my feet up and fantasize about…